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Founder letter

At its very core, CCS’s success stems from a strong sense of our hands on approach and our people that drive quality. These pillars provide us with the foundation we need to provide consultancy to our clients within the different industries and sectors they are in. We live and work in challenging times. The region’s economic situation in light of the repercussions of the COVID-19 pandemic has affected companies tremendously. As these changes come into play and while many businesses are looking for financial consultancy, we are ready to support and apply our financial expertise throughout the different industries and sectors

In the last couple of years and despite all challenges, we have managed to maintain our client base and attract new clients. Looking back at the evolution of CCS, we have shown resilience, quality, commitment and dedication

As an organisation we have also learned lessons from the COVID-19 pandemic, and I believe that CCS is emerging from the pandemic stronger, while being more focused, better positioned than ever to build trust, to build a stronger reputation and to assist clients in solving important problems

What further distinguishes us from others is our added value: the passion, precision, hands on approach and experience we bring to each client.

I would like to thank our team of professionals who is driving CCS success and I would like to take the opportunity to promise more quality in our services to our clients

Khalil Fawaz