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Advisory & Business Improvement

Because advisory and business improvement is essential to an organization’s success, we have developed a differentiated and well focused strategy and approach which guarantees that our customers achieve headship in their core business, expand considerably, and constantly progress through operational excellence.

We have combined systematic firmness with bottomless experience to align organizations with business necessities, amplifying both short-term performance and long-term health

Whether for internal use or external one, we assist our customers in developing quantified and qualified business plans which reflect the true market and industry conditions and at the same time target value growth opportunities through forecasting and projecting insight

We work alongside our customers and their top management in redesigning their organization´s operational structure to fit its mission and vision, lining up its business purpose and improving operations and performance through a variety of capabilities and pioneering approaches. We examine the efficiency and usefulness of a firm´s processes and ensure that they convey the highest quality, in the most productive mode at the most aggressive prices

We have exhaustive experience in governance frameworks. We can assist you in developing your governance framework based on international standards as well as local laws, rules and regulations

Our outsourcing services assist our customers in accomplishing a significant change at a reduced cost and risk. We can assist organizations that need help improving the quality and effectiveness of their internal audit processes in a number of ways. Our outsourcing services are provided onsite, offsite and offshore

We work with management and the board of directors/audit committee at a company of virtually any size to assist them in establishing their internal audit function. We develop the policies and procedures of the internal audit function, the job description of the chief audit executive as well as the internal audit charter

Through our diagnostic framework which leads to substantial goals and ready-to-launch initiatives, we have succeeded to allow any customer to perform a comprehensive examination that quickly surfaces the accurate issues that outline and measure any opportunity for improvement. We also prioritize our findings for your ease of implementation